‍We prefer to accompany you right from the development stage of your production, because if we can plan and calculate the post-production process from the outset, we not only create time and space for all artistic work, but can also guarantee a smooth technical workflow for all post-production trades right from the start. Our post-production supervisors not only coordinate our internal processes, they are also happy to communicate with other external departments. We have a well-established network of partners for sound post and more complex visual effects.

We plan and calculate together with you. From the choice of camera technology to the deliverables, we talk about everything that influences the entire process artistically, technically, in terms of time and budget.
We accompany your test shoots, develop looks and workflows so that we know at an early stage where the long journey will take us.

From classic D.I.T. - and, of course, absolutely secure data handling - to on-set color grading and instant dailies directly to the cloud - we can organize everything for you.

All data in the lab, or on our workstations in the network, is processed in accordance with the security guidelines of international studios.
From verified ingest on our multi-redundant storage server to backup on LTO, HDD in the cloud or our own off-site server. Your data is in good and, above all, safe hands with us. We copy, code, archive and create reports for you.

Quick synchronized rushes or color graded dailies, for web and offline editorial with QC and reports are literally daily business for us.

We can edit your films and/or put together a suitable team of editors and assistants for you. We provide you with our technology with a customized workflow and find the right space for you for any time frame and budget.
Editing is particularly important to us. We want our and/or your editors to have all the necessary tools and as much time as possible at their disposal. Peace and time are needed here so that great things can be created.
Therefore, the chosen workflow is largely based on the needs of the editors. They can decide which NLE they would like to work with. The tool they are most familiar with. We know the right workflow to perfectly integrate all common editing systems (Avid MediaComposer, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro) into our internal post pipeline. Final Cut Pro is one of our favorite tools, contrary to common misconceptions - it's our favorite discipline, so to speak. We will of course be happy to show you what is possible and, in particular, how quickly it can be used.
We are familiar with all possible scenarios for how we want to organize offline editing together depending on the requirements: Classic on-site with a local shared storage server or via remote workflows from the hybrid cloud solution to PC over IP to a complete cloud solution. We have already done everything and can definitely offer you the right solution for you.

We integrate all common NLE systems (Avid MediaComposer, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro) into our online system DaVinci Resolve. We online the offline mounted timeline with the original camera footage in the highest resolution. The earlier we are involved in production here, the faster this step is completed.

Visual Effects
We have a well-established network of external service providers for visual effects. We take care of the entire process, data handling, the appropriate workflow, color management, VFX pulls, VFX editing and QCs of the supplied shots. Just as if all the artists were working their magic in-house. And always in close cooperation with our color grading department.

After editing, color grading is another matter close to our hearts: always used as a clear narrative tool to give your story another unique feeling. 
We listen. We take a very close look. And translate and finalize your vision with you. We refine using only the highest technical standards. 
Our fully equipped DaVinci Resolve 4K HDR Dolby Vision licensed grading suite with Advanced Panel features a Sony BVM-HX310 monitor for UHD SDR and HDR grading. Our 2K DaVinci Resolve Suite with Minipanel is designed for SDR/HDR online work. Through our partnerships we have access to cinemas with 2K or 4K Christie projection.

Mastering and Deliverables
Our various colormanaged workflows (ACES, DVR, ARRI REVEAL) not only enable us to work in the highest original camera resolution and color depth, but also to convert our digital intermediate into all desired formats HD/UHD SDR, 2K/4K cinema, HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG, 2K/4K DCP, IMF, DCDM, web, etc. Of course with Quality Check.

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