The Panther

feature film, X-Filme, Paramount+

Johnny calls himself “The Panther.” He is a trickster and fumbler, a totally nice guy and a reckless criminal, a human disaster and a loving father; but above all, he is a player. As an V-man, he provides the police with information about criminal gangs and collects properly on both sides. Because he wants out of his debts, because he has promised his drug-addicted daughter a new life, because he is constantly saying that he is leaving for Vietnam soon. It doesn't matter what's true and what's wrong, Johnny needs cash. In order to further advance in the milieu, he carries out brutal actions with the help of the police. When he meets the gang leader Porno, he sees his chance for the jackpot: He will trick them all, cops and gangsters, and then finally get away, taking nothing and no one but the thousands in his pocket. Because a panther only thinks of himself, has to be free, has to be alone, right, Johnny? Alone until death.

Links: Berlinale, Süddeutsche Zeitung,, Tagesspiegel

With: Lars Eidinger (Johnny), Anna Bederke (Nele), Marc Pörsken (Marek), Sahin Eryilmaz (Dave), Magdalena Laubisch (Stella), Aissa El Mkllaki (porn), Youness Aabbaz (Bektas), Benjamin Höppner (China), Philippine Pachl (Malwina), Karim Aouana (Issa), Joachim Król (Miehe)

Production: X-Filme Creative Pool, Paramount+
Director: Jan BonnyScript: Jan Bonny, Jan Eichberg
Camera: Jakob Berger
Colorist: Fridolin Körner
Editing: Christoph Otto
Music: Lucas Croon
Sound Design: Josef Steinbüchel
Mixture: Falk Möller
Sound: Christoph Schilling
Production design: Julia Maria Baumann
Costume: Ulrike Scharfschwerdt
Mask: Gülcan Arslan
Casting: Susanne Ritter, Kais Setti
Assistant Director: Victoria Herzog
Production manager: Aylin Teichmann
Producer: Jorgo Narjes
Executive producers: Jorgo Narjes, Uwe Schott
Length: 76 min

dolby vision
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