The Teenage Drug Lord

documentary, btf, Netflix

Shiny_Flakes - The Teenage Drug Lord has been available exclusively and on Netflix worldwide since August 3. The documentary provides an insight into the criminal case that serves as an inspiration for How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast). As a 19-year-old, Shiny_Flakes aka Maximilian Schmidt sold drugs worth around 4.1 million euros worldwide — alone. From his nursery. He used his own website and Deutsche Post to single-handedly run an international drug empire. It is one of the most spectacular cybercrime cases in Germany.
The peculiarity of this crime lies in the place where it happened: Maximilian's children's room. The Shiny-Flakes team from btf recreated this room in a studio on a 1:1 scale. Maximilian Schmidt returns to Tatort for the film and shows how he managed to sell a ton of drugs from this room to the world unnoticed for over a year.

To be seen on: netflix

Production: btf GmbH, WDR, ARD
Directed by Eva Müller, Michael Schmitt
Camera: Nicolai Mehring
Music: Ziggy Has Ardeur
Editor: Yana Höhnerbach
Colorgrading: Fridolin Körner

Length: 90 min


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